Lensinator - OCR, Object, Barcode Scanner

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Description of Lensinator - OCR, Object, Barcode Scanner

Lensinator is an object and image detection app for Android. Simply open the app and tap to scan an object.

Just tap on the camera preview to click an image.

Features Include:

• Barcode / QR Code Scanner

• Extracting Text (OCR)

• Object Detector

• NEW! : Handwritten text OCR

• NEW! : Business Card Reader (OCR)

Barcode Scanner :


•Scans all types of barcodes and qr code. Also gives product information of UPC barcodes like product name, price, image and product URL.

Extracting text (OCR)(Typed) :

• (Beta) Scans all the text from an image if found.

• Online OCR feature has now been added, more languages support coming soon!

(Note : Online OCR feature might be unavailable sometimes).

• Languages Supported : Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czec, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Korean,Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese,R ussian, Slovenian, Spanish ,Swedish, Turkish

Handwritten text OCR :

•Extracts texts from a handwritten text from the image. Also works for typed text.

Object Detector :

• Detects object. Uses machine learning technology.

Image Describe :

• Describes an image in a short sentence. Also gives an full list of all objects detected in an image.

Business Card Reader :

• Extracts information such a name, email and phone number. We are still improving its accuracy with each update. This feature can be found at OCR -> Save Contact.

This app can be much helpful for visually impaired people.

Note : For better results, it is recommended to use it under good lighting conditions. Object Detector doesn't need an active internet connection but describing an image does. Handwritten text OCR may depend on the handwriting.

Have any issues?

Send us an email:

File a bug report:

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